We Specialize Cell Phone Network (GSM, Edge, 3G and 4G) Network Signal Improvements

Every Solution is unique. There is two categories, wired and wireless. Using a Wired solution does not necessarily mean that it will limit your mobility but in certain applications it will, depending on the network configuration.

Wired Network Signal Improvement

The most common and cost effective solution is when you install an antenna on your roof, point the antenna in the direction of your closest cell phone base station and then connect the antenna cable to your USB dongle. You can also make use of a 3G or 4G Wireless router and then connect to the router wirelessly. This will greatly improve your mobility.


Wireless Network Signal Improvement

When going wireless we make use of a base station signal repeater. A Cell Signal Repeater. The basic installation stays the same. You install an antenna on your roof. Point it in the direction of your closest base station. You then connect it to the signal repeater, which then acts as an amplifier. The repeater the retransmits the signal through a smaller, lower gain antenna. Every repeater has its own specifications but it will give you a radius where you can connect to the device as if you would normally to a cell tower. Your device (phone, USB dongle or 3G router) will not know the difference. It will seamlessly connect without any alterations.


CCTV Surveillance Network Design and Installation

We make use of IP Cameras but can design analogue camera systems as well if you prefer analogue cameras. With the physical network we can use a combination of cabled and wireless technologies depending on your specific need. I some case, going wireless is the only option. If you are concerned about the security of links being breached, then we can add extra wireless security using a combination of Ubiquiti and Mikrotik systems.

Please contact us and tell us exactly what you need and we will design and quote you on a system according to your specifications. We have a number of solutions in different price classes. Please include if you need the camera to have good night vision, do you need a specific camera to be able to swivel, tilt and zoom remotely and also the amount of recorded footage you would like to keep before it deletes itself like, 3days, 1week, 1month. This will determine the DVR, the compression used and the size of the hard drive needed. If you would like us to do a site survey, it can be arranged, this will ensure the most accurate solution and quotation.

CCTV as a Productivity Tool

"Studies have shown that employees in workplaces with CCTV cameras tend to be more productive. Therefore, time wasting due to socializing at the workplace can be cut by up to 80% with CCTV cameras in place. Managers and business owners can also focus on more productive ventures rather than moving round to assure employees are doing their jobs." Not only does it improve productivity but it also protects a business from minor theft, to more critical incidents.


Office and Home Network Design and Installation

Your computer network infrastructure is the backbone of your business. All your devices, applications, software, and most of your work are supported by or built upon your computer network. Therefore, planning, design, purchasing hardware, and security of a business computer network need to be a high priority for your business.

To build a computer network for your company, you need to consider quite a few things. Making a computer network run efficiently in a business environment is very different from setting up a home or domestic network. Business network design has a high degree of complexity and security challenges. While the type of network for your business will depend on your needs but the components of your computer network will remain the same.

With the boom in smart devices in homes, as well as home working, fast, reliable internet throughout your property is becoming a must-have. But many of us still struggle to get good coverage everywhere we need it. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right home network setup. A well-designed home network can stop buffering, slow internet and signal dropouts, and make the best use of your broadband speed. You can install or upgrade any time, but the perfect time is when you’re planning building or home improvement works. Making the right decisions from the outset can save a great deal of time, hassle and money later.


A Typical Small Business Network

Here is the list of devices needed to set up a computer network for your business: Modem, Router, Firewall, Switch, LAN Cable/Patch Cable, Access Point, Repeater and a Patch Panel. This seems simple enough but it makes a big difference when your network configuration works seamlessly. There is only one right way and the products used is critical. Give us a call and let us help you..

VoIP Telecommunications Network Design and Installation

We make use of most reliable VoIP phone brands and PBX appliances. We have solutions in different price classes to suite your pocket without compromising quality. We have DECT phone, desktop phone and soft phone solutions. The physical network can be a combination of cable and wireless networks and we can power each device from its own power supply or from a central PoE switch. Wireless networking becomes very useful when you want to put for example, multiple buildings or houses, that’s not too far apart, on the same network. Doing this can save you a lot of data. The PoE switch will power each device using the LAN network cable it uses to supply internet to the device.

We can assist you with obtaining the best suited internet package so that you can be sure of the best quality of service. VoIP is the only telecoms protocol that can provide you with HD voice. We can install and configure a physical on-site PBX or a cloud PBX type solution. If your business absolutely needs your phone system to be online 24/7, like call centres, we can install extra redundancies that will ensure that you will. We can add a data and power fail-over system so that you will stay connected even if your internet service provider and Eskom fails at the same time. As you can see, there is a lot of possibilities. Please inform us on exactly what you need so that we can quote you on a suitable system.


Hosted or Cloud PBX?

Neither are on-premise solutions or require you to invest in any hardware. Plus, both are accessed via an internet connection. But that’s where the similarities end. A hosted PBX solution has uniform features, can’t be scaled up or down and is pay-per-seat. This makes it a good choice for an established company that has a fixed number of employees and produces a steady volume of data. A cloud PBX solution, in contrast, is scalable and pay-per-usage. This makes it a good choice for startups and small companies that are expanding.

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